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    One of the major concern when starting with new Buildbox game initially was getting a game idea and even bigger issue was to design or find right assets for that game. Even finding free assets and having all required lot of time and energy. In order to help such game developers i have made some game assets for space adventure based game which are full fledged and easily customisable. One sample screen is:
    Game bundle with designed assets is being offered to dirt cheap USD 5. It contains:
    Shop design
    Main screen design
    Spaceship design
    Shop screen
    Start Screen
    Paused screen
    Level select screen
    and many more...

    Bundle can be acquired by contacting me at :
    or going at this link
    All of these are customisable & re-skin able comes as PSD, JPG and PNG.

    Other screen design samples:

    Contact me at

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