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    if you guys are trying to run admob ads, you will need a Firebase Analytics account link to admob for marketing purposes.

    I ran across a few issues when installing Firebase to my Xcode project using Cocoapods. Most of the problems are associated with Firebase and Cocoapods

    issue: #import <Firebase/Firebase.h> not found
    solution: Go to BBPlayer/Build settings. Go to Search Paths and add $(inherited) to both Framework Search path and Header Search paths.

    issue: Double-quoted include "pb.h" in framework header, expected angle-bracketed instead ( about 13 errors will pop up)
    solution: Go to Pods Build file (below BBPlayer) Select Pods under "Project" tab. Go to: Apple Clang - Warnings - All languages: Find "Quoted Included in Framework Header" and select No. default is Yes. This is a workaround.

    Issue: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_FIRApp",
    Solution: Go to BBPlayer, Then Target tab, Select BBPLayer, Build Settings: Go to Other Linker Flags.
    Add $(inherited)

    Afterwards run build and you should have a successful build.

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