Descend - Challenging, Complex And Unique Game

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    Jun 12, 2016
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    Hey Guys, So I have been working for about 3 months on my very FIRST Game. A lot of Trial and error but It is Finally up!!
    Android Only at the moment as iPhone is $99USD which is not worth it but hopefully if it goes good on Android I will put it up on iPhone as Well.
    Check it out, I'm sure you guys will love it as everyone who has tried it.
    Make sure to share with your friends and family to help me out.
    I recently just turned 18 so word of mouth is the only way to get my game out there as I don't have money for marketing and other stuff.

    - AD FREE
    - Unique Game play
    - 20+ Unique Levels That Get Harder and More Complex As You Descend Through Them
    - 15+ Unique Characters To Get
    - Unique and Simplistic Graphic and Level Design
    - Free Gifts To Help Unlock Characters

    Any questions and or suggestions will be very much appreciated!
    Thanks To everyone who helps me get my game out there by checking my game out, sharing it and rating it.

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