David Reichelt Interview (color Switch Creator)

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    Available to watch over the next 48hrs at The Appreneur Summit.
    ps...Trey up tomorrow.


    • How to design a creative mindset that can help you become a better game designer
    • The most important concept you need to understand -- Conceptual Blending
    • The worst way to come up with new ideas--and a better, more systematic way
    • Why you must develop "the willingness to fail as often as it takes"
    • How improv class, magic, chemistry, biology, and every other subject under the sun can help train your brain for creativity
    • Questioning your assumptions to break through difficulties and barriers
    • How to change your life and improve your fortune by designing your the way you think
    • Demystifying the creative process
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    Just watched this.
    It was really great. Definitely recommend it to people who need a little extra boost to keep making games.

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