Copy And Paste Multiple Layered Objects Bug

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    I noticed a lot of bug threads on Buildbox 2.3.1 thread
    But created a separate thread as that post already has many pages.

    Below is a Video that shows me selecting an square that has 2 objects, however once I start to copy the object using A,S,D,W the square that has 2 objects then has 4 objects. Essentially duplicate the duplicate on top.

    I first noticed this when I selected multiple squares (video I just select 1 sq) with 2 objects and copied and then some of the squares has 2x,3x,4x+ layered objects in the squares instead.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? In the video I drag the left column to group the select items which helps me find that there's more objects than I would like.

    I also tried to recreate the issue selecting multiple squares and no bug which is strange because this was how I first noticed this.


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