Complex Character Connection Conundrum!!!

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    Hi folks, hoping you can help me with a problem I have, *please check the .jpg I uploaded, it should make the problem easier to visualise.*

    I am making an "impossible" game and want to attach my character to a hat decoration which will move with the character and have a vehicle animation below, I'd like to have the character behind the vehicle and the hat in front of both the character and the vehicle, I'm just wondering if this combination of layering is possible with some tweaking?

    I can't place items between "characters" but is there a way to attach my character to the constantly moving vehicle without the attachment process affecting the physics of the vehicle (so the vehicle stays on the ground, and is layered between the hat and character).

    I'm thinking it's probably not possible, but thought I would ask anyway, please check the uploaded .jpg which should make the problem easier to visualise.

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