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    I've been trying to change the color of an object within the 3D World Scene.

    I set the pin next to the color picker in the objects 3D model, which makes the color picker available when the object is dragged into a scene, but any changes made to the color at that level are ignored by BB3.

    I raised the issue with support to see if it was a known bug and if it would be fixed with the up comming release.

    After a few emails back and forth I'm told
    "I don't think we see it as a bug, it's how it's intended to work and it's the same in BB2. If you want red, green and blue boxes, you need to have 3 different assets for each of them. This mechanics is not going to change. "​

    To me this seems ridiculous. BB3 is all setup to allow it to be implemented and probably requires just 1 or 2 lines of coding to make it work. All other variables can be changed by pinning, but apparently not color.

    I thought the whole point was to have a tool that allowed us to build games without coding, yet I'm being forced to include a script to enable such a feature.

    The alternative is to import a separate object for each different color version of the object you want in your game. So say you were building a game like Helix Jump and wanted to have different colors for the objects on each level, you'll have to import different objects for each level (or add a script node to get around the shortfall).

    Anyone else think this is ludicrous? @Josh (Tekanology) Is this really the official line on this?

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