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    (Template for Buildbox)

    This is a 3 level bus parking project for Buildbox (3.3.6 +)

    Create an awesome bus parking game with this starter project !

    This is for you to get an idea of the game layout and for you to build the rest.

    Here's what ive added to this project :

    Forward and reverse gears, A parking brake, Full left & Right steering, Brake lights and reverse lights, Camera controls with x 4 different views, Throttle and brake pedals.

    *Please note this is not a full game only a starter project *

    Whats included?

    1 x Bus model
    Example scenery
    1 x Buildbox project

    Ways to improve this game?

    Add more levels
    Add your own bus models
    Add more scenery

    Grab the Template here :
    Bus Parking Template by DeadFly Studios (Leighton) (itch.io)
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    very realistic :eek:
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