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    Welcome to the official Buildbox Forum. We built this community to exchange ideas and information between users. Please understand this is not our official support channel. If you have bugs or need something specifically please email for any issues or for any non-account related issues.

    We do have a few ground rules for the forum to keep it an effective resource for all:
    1. For official support, please email (Please include an in-depth description of the issue and include your Buildbox save file).
    2. be respectful to all users and this platform itself. Just because you are a paying customer does not entitle you to attacking the team or members, any bugs or issues can be worked out but patients is key,
    3. you are paying for "Buildbox" not its version. while Buildbox3 is in Beta, Buildbox2 is its current version and most new features will added to Buildbox3
    4. No promoting of affiliate offers on the forums. We do not want this to turn into a spam board. above all else, the forums are here to help you create a business, not to find customers
    5. It's OK to mention a website or service (Related to Game Development) you've created in a single thread, but no bumping threads. If we detect multiple threads about your product we will delete all of them entirely. Repeat offenders will be removed from the forums
    6. Post with titles in all caps will be removed.
    7. Posts discussing piracy will be removed and users who link to pirated content will be banned.
    8. Users who attempt to cheat, exploit or fraud users will be banned.
    9. If you want to set a signature for your forum posts that is fine, but please be reasonable. One or two lines and/or a small banner graphic is more than enough.
    10. The Buildbox Forum is for showcasing Buildbox games only.
    11. Please be mindful that is it unfair to piggyback on someone else's thread. You are free to create a new thread, and you have full right to but unrelated comments to a thread will be removed.

    Final note:

    This is an official company discord (and the forum is an official company forum) if someone wants to TROLL us with videos bashing our software, then they'll have to do it somewhere else. It's one thing to have a legitimate concern, we will ALWAYS listen and be very motivated to fix that. but when someone is just bashing, trolling, LOLing atsomeone'ss expenses, OR just being all around negative, this is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated as it is unfair to force those who want to find useful information and only find negativity.
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