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    So I'm taking a Master's Degree in Digital Humanities, and in one of the courses they asked us to create a game for a prestigious Nanotechnology laboratory (my game is related to nanomedicine), and we're collaborating with the doctors there (to make the game scientifically accurate, because we know nothing about the field). I'm already getting really good feedback from the doctors and I might be able to get an internship there if they like the final product, which would be amazing for my career.
    Anyway, our teachers told us to use Buildbox, however we weren't aware of the limitations of the free version. I already got the basis of the game created, but now I need to add more levels (as suggested by the doctors from the laboratory) and I can't, since we can only have one 3D world.
    It's an endless type of game where I'm a nanorobot catching diseases, and once I catch enough diseases, the level is completed and I move on to the next level, on a different part of the body. The idea is to show all the body areas where the nanorobots treat diseases, with a cool explanation on each level.
    I wouldn't mind paying 19$ right now for a month of Buildbox Plus, the problem is the commitment that comes with it. I am a young student and I cannot afford a full year of Buildbox, isn't there any way of purchasing just one or two months of Buildbox Plus? I had the whole project planned up and now I don't know where to go from here, I have a short deadline and with a free version I can only use like 10% of the ideas the doctors gave me.
    Thank you for your attention!
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    Hey there @sergrp ! Thank you so much for reaching out here on the forum. We completely understand your situation and we would like to help you complete your game for your course. I am going to send you a direct message here to discuss how we can help. Talk soon! :)
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