Buildbox Classic 2.23.8 Update: New Character Health Bar Option And More

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    Buildbox Classic 2.23.8 is now available! This new update makes creating shooters, fighting games, platformers, or RPGs easier than ever. It features an easy-to-use character health bar option that lets you add health bars to your games quickly. You can fully customize them by adjusting the animation speed and look of the bar with your own image files via the Attributes Panel.

    We’ve also made the Welcome Screen more user-friendly and added several other improvements and fixes to the software.​


    For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full change log below:

    Here’s What’s New in Buildbox Classic 2.23.8!

    New Features:
    • A character health bar option has been added to UI Screens Characters menu – you can customize how long it takes to update by changing the animation speed as well as both the background and progress sprites by dropping in your own image files on the Attributes Panel.
    • Added Auto-Open project folder after exporting.
    • Updated Welcome Screen to make it easier to use by cutting down on visual clutter.
    • Moved AI Assets downloads folder out of the system downloads folder.
    • Added Open Download location button to AI asset Attributes Panel.

    Fixed Issues:

    • When editing collision shapes it is no longer possible to have a point outside the edit zone.
    • Import wheel when in the animation editor – you can once again add new assets.
    • Bug where the Attributes Panel would not update after moving the client to a different monitor.
    • A variety of display errors related to the new AI asset creation tool.
    • A platform-side bug where changing your COPPA settings could prevent you from exporting.

    Additionally, if you haven’t tried our AI tool in Buildbox Classic yet, you can still test it using your three FREE credits.

    We can’t wait to see the awesome games you make with Buildbox Classic 2.23.8. Thank you so much for all the support and feedback! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements soon.
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    I just say woow and thanks for the update. It's great that new things have finally been added. First of all, I turn on my PC and download directly. I hope there's more to come and I'll look forward to it.
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    very nice update. keep em coming :)
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    I am very happy when I see an update for Buildbox classic
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    Thank you for this cool update.
    some more of these, please...
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