Buildbox 3 Indie License Purchased But Old Buildbox 2 Restrictions Apply

Discussion in 'Buildbox General Discussion' started by Don, May 24, 2019.

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    May 24, 2019
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    Hi all

    Your help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    I used to be a BB 2.0 subscriber to entry level plan (1 x World with 15 Levels) and it was installed on my Windows 10 laptop.

    I have not used BB 2.0 for a while since my subscription ended.

    I have un-installed BB 2.0 and installed BB 3.0, but the old BB 2.0 world and export restrictions are still being applied!

    I have tried running BB 3.0 as Administrator and clicking on Activate License, but to no avail.

    Help appreciated. (I have logged a support query, but still no reply)
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    Mar 31, 2016
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    Unfortunately, this change will need to be made server side. So you will have to wait for a member of the BB team to activate. It's the weekend but you can try emailing support immediately and make sure the headline mentions problems activating, so they can deal with it straight away.

    Remember they work to US time, so will be sleeping now.
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