Buildbox 3.1.1 Is Officially Live And 3.1.2 "beta" Is Here For Paid Customers

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Sean Buildbox, Dec 18, 2019.

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    Hey there Boxers!

    First things first, as of yesterday Buildbox 3.1.1 is officially released and can be updated via the app under the Updates Tab!

    As I'm sure you've heard we've officially launched Buildbox Free. Buildbox Free is version 3.1.2 for Free customers. For those customers we have at launch both Admob and Ironsource which we take a 10% split of. For paid users currently we will not take any split from the networks.

    Currently 3.1.2 is available for Paid Users if you wish to use the many new features along with integrated (Read "easy") ads for those networks. We will be releasing it in "Beta" status for paid users only truly meaning that it is not yet available as an update in the Buildbox software yet and will be needed to be downloaded with the links below. We will then in the near future harmonize the versions for both Free and Paid users to be on the same status and 3.1.2 will become updatable within the software for Paid Users

    Note: If wishing to use the Custom Method for Ads you must still use Buildbox 3.1.1 or below for the time being

    As promised we've also release in-depth documentation for the software and the API:


    API Reference:

    Without further ado here are the links:



    As always please make a backup of your project before opening and saving it in the newer software if you may wish to go back to a previous version you were working in.

    Changelog from 3.1.1:

    Added: GlobalDepth functions for entities/components
    Added: SetPosition/Rotation sets the dynamic physics position/rotation. Added
    Added: Integrated Ads for Admob
    Added: Integrated Ads for Ironsource
    Added: Categories for Brainboxes
    Added: Default BBDOC to use 2D world
    Added: Coin and Reset Option to Add Point node
    Added: New tutorials design
    Added: Stick To Edge node

    Fixed: 2d sprites are only visible from the front
    Fixed: Multiple time click on Reload of Preview simulator
    Fixed: All parts of a multi-asset smart asset do not display under Objects
    Fixed: Playing duplicate '3D world' node having linker.
    Fixed: Closed Animation Frames
    Fixed: Crash linking the duplicate and original object(using Linker) and reload the Preview.
    Fixed: Copy/paste crash fix
    Fixed: 2d Worlds path rotation
    Fixed: Copy Paste bug
    Fixed: Issue with Path Move node
    Fixed: Single click to add Brainbox
    Fixed: Level borders rotation fix for 2d only worlds
    Fixed: New objects are dropped on top
    Fixed: Selection fixes for 2d worlds
    Fixed: Signal Filter and Threshold
    Fixed: Transform Physics
    Fixed: Crash when showing/hiding the asset libraryAdded: Components/inputSignals/outputSignals functions

    Updated: Support library for multidex to androidx
    Updated: New rewarded video calls

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