Bugs/crahses on BB beta 3

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by creativesoffice, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Oct 22, 2015
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    My feedback so far re BB 2.0 beta 3

    1. Still experiencing BB has stopped working when randomly deleting assets from the screens. (happened 5 times in 1h, this is annoying. This type of but cannot let you do your thing :\ )

    2. Some buttons back function gone, in bb beta 2 i had back function on those, had to add function back in BB beta 3.

    3. After crashing if selecting restore scene does not load. You can press play and the preview is working but mind map not showing at all. FIX i found: Press mind map button, top left corner in order to get the scenes visible. Waited some time and does not appear by default. Should work once load and not by pressing the button but works for me.

    4. Added an action button with refill 2, once pressed in preview window crashed. Repeated the process and is crashing every time.

    5. Crashed once i pressed play button on preview window.

    6. Selecting character, unlock, press play and it crashes.

    7. I created several new characters and if hit any enemy object, physic based on fixed crashes on collision. 9 of 10 times. Working as it should just the first character, crashes on rest of them on collision.

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    Here's Another bug that needs attention:

    • Typing scene Width doesn't change the width of the scene. manual adjustment is needed. This is very inconvenient.

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