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    I'm not sure if this game was done with Buildbox. I am working on Buildbox for over a year. But this game does not seem to be possible with Buildbox. Was this game really developed with Buildbox?

    Please answer my questions:

    1-) After pressing the Play button, the game character is beamed and is on stage. How is this done in Buildbox? I want you to start the character by beaming.

    2-) Character suya dying thought. The water effect is coming out. The dust cloud comes out of the wall. I understand the dust cloud. The character has added a dust cloud to the dying feature. But how does the idea of water come out of the water effect? I did not get it.

    3-) Takes a diamond and goes to a different game. Dragon game. He then continues where he left off. How that happens?

    I can not believe this game was made entirely with BuildBox. If so, you still have so much to learn :)
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    All mentioned can be done inside buildbox currently.

    1) Creatively using animation editor inside the menu ui, combined with either advance moves or action inside the game world.

    2) There is a collision in the water that triggers that dying effect. Most of the visual aspects are achieved in blender and photoshop.

    3) Use menu jumps
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    what I liked is the way the dragon move is their a way to implement it in current buildbox
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    In the email from Buildbox it says: "The game was made with a prototype of Buildbox called Buildbox Next, and it's actually in 2D, but built with nodes."

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