Boxnation Episode #1 With Trey, Nik, And Zack!

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    Something new to watch!
    Hey Boxers,
    We're back with a new series for you to watch and it's called Boxnation!
    We're debuting the very first episode right now featuring Trey Smith and Nik Rudenko, the founders of Buildbox, and Zack Griset, Product Evangelist.

    Watch these three experts play some games made with Buildbox as well as give a few tips and pointers about creating games!

    Tune in and make sure to grab some snacks and drinks before watching.

    Also, in case you missed our previous emails, we have a sale ongoing! With the Buildbox Spring Sale, all monthly and annual plans are 30% off.
    So... uh how do YouTube stars and influencers do this last bit? [​IMG]

    Ahh... *clears throat*

    Make sure to like our video and leave a comment! We'd love to hear from you guys. Please also subscribe to our channel and make sure you click that bell icon so you get notifications when we have new videos!

    Until the next one. [​IMG]*headset (with mic) drop*

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    Team Buildbox
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    Love it! Love how you and Nick don't agree on everything that's a good thing and wrapping it up with a word from Zack was perfect.

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