Bbassets Have Serious Drawback

Discussion in 'BBAssets' started by jmiller8031, May 25, 2019.

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    So I'm looking BB3 over and seeing what it can do. It seems well thought out for the most part. I like the concept of the BBAssets, it's similar to Unity Prefabs. The problem is that the collision shape is stuck in the Start node. So if you have a BBAsset with multiple meshes in it you're stuck using a single collision shape instead of being able to apply collision shapes to each mesh.

    If you look at the provided Ground Spikes asset, it would make a ton of more sense to have a collision shape for each spike so your character or whatever can pass by when the spikes aren't out.

    The start node doesn't really make much sense anyway. It's basically the collision/physics setup node. Why not just start with the 3D model node, call it Start if you want to, and add a new collider/physics node to use after this model node if you want a collider? Or, just combine it all together into a single node. Just make sure to keep the capability to have multiple meshes. That is key. While we're on the subject, why are there separate setting for colliders in the If Collide node? It's confusing.

    Basically you have it backwards right now. People need think about colliders after they have all the meshes they need in an asset, not the other way around. Also having to attach nodes like Rotate to Start right now is counter-intuitive. If I want to rotate a mesh then I want to attach that rotate node to the mesh node because that is what makes sense in my brain.

    The other flaw is that I have to manually type positions for each mesh inside an asset. I would much rather just design an asset in 3D World view and select each object that I need to make a combined asset. Doing so could auto generate the appropriate mesh nodes with the proper position vectors. Right now I'm limited to selecting a single object in the list to create an asset. Another alternative would be to have a small 3D preview while in the node setup.

    If you make this change I guarantee BBAssets will be a lot more powerful and useful. I want to make complex assets for a game I want to make so I don't have to drag and drop a bunch of separate pieces all day long.
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    If they can remove Physics Enabling option from Start Node and add this into 3D Model Node With TAGS which would make more sense so we can collect those tags and play with it for example if We have an extremely complex 3D Model and we want to enable some parts of it to be deadly enemy we can select those from inside it and then it will work out of the box !!
    With That Option is implemented now another door opened, That is when you create complex objects in the scene and making them a child of One single Empty Object. We can export direct from Hierarchy as a Single Piece 3D Model which will help the project in many ways, Performance wise and Project hierarchy wont be cluttered with alot of objects. we can just create one and export as a single Object and all the physics option what we have on them will be save as default inside that Object file !! But this possibly will not happen for next few months maybe more :)

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