Bb3 Not Correctly Updating Older Projects And Nodes With Version Updates

Discussion in 'Buildbox 3.0' started by Koshinto, Feb 6, 2020.

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    I've found the root of my crashes. Has anyone noticed how when there's a new update and nodes get changed around, our old projects are still using the old nodes/scripts that were changed/removed? Though I've saved my 3.1.2 project in 3.1.3, dramatic changes were made to node functionality in 3.1.3.

    An example is shown below, first variation of the Brainbox for Health:

    Notice how there's the health bar, background and health bar controller? See the Brainbox for Health in 3.1.3 below:
    The entire scope of the Health Brainbox has been reworked and the bar, background and healthbar controller has been removed without notice or an announcement.

    Though we save our projects in the newer version releases, nodes and scripts that are built in are no longer present and causing crashes. @Sean Buildbox @TreySmith is it possible to make it so that when a new version of BB3 is released and a Boxer saves their old work in it, that the nodes are automatically updated to the newer ones?

    This way Boxers don't have to dig back through all their nodes and manually replace them with the updated versions each time a new one is released.
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    totally talk about this is my Video...
    I have been through multiple templates and come across sooooo many old nodes that are out dated and can cause issues.
    Overall when experiencing issues I recommend straight up replacing any important node if you are using a template.
    This is also the reason why I prefer to start a build from stratch!

    JUMP to 42 Seconds for Tip

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