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    This is a list of things I miss the most after a few months of use (the emphasized points are crucial in my opinion):

    1. Stability
    2. Offline mode

    3. BB3 Manual
    4. Functional haptic and gyro
    5. Liquids
    6. Particle engine for special fx.
    7. Better animation with curves etc.

    8. Vector support
    9. Shaders
    10. Better Physics

    11. Animated 3D / FBX support
    12. 3D editing with object deformers etc.
    13. Snap to grid/point for Nodes in MindMap (for better project organization)

    14. Mac export and Game center integration
    15. More platforms (like PS, Nintendo, etc.).
    16. Decent UI editor
    17. Open multiple projects at once

    18. More sound layers (+spatial control for sound)
    19. HTML5 export
    20. We need real support and active forums

    Honestly, we don’t need another external software for animation, sound design or 3D editing. We need all in one thing as it's promised. I know we had similar topics before but I have not seen a specific answer anywhere, I hope you can tell us when we can expect listed features?
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