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  1. PunkPuffin

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    Sep 27, 2018
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    Hi Everyone,

    Having played around with the collision shapes in BB3 they are a bit painful. There is a collision shape on the START node which seems to be the one used in the physics for example when objects rest on each other etc

    There is also a collision shape in IF COLLIDE which seems to only be used for collision checks in to determine if that node is triggered. This is fine except a lot of the time you want the collision shape to be exactly the same as that in the start node. If you change one you more than likely have to change all of them which is painful when you try to match them up without any way of inputting position or rotation but have to drag points in the UI

    BB Team: Would it be possible to have an option in the IF COLLIDE where you currently have cube, sphere, mesh etc to also have “default” which when selected used the collision shape in the START node?
  2. rizwanashraf

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    Dec 3, 2015
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  3. spicedbeangames

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    Mar 31, 2016
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    I've noticed some really strange things with collision shapes. Some spheres have cube collision shapes - I didnt change them, it just seems to randomly adjust them. Even if both nodes have sphere selected, one will be a cube. Very weird and has stopped me dead in my tracks right now making one of my planned games
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