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  1. PeteTheTNT

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    May 9, 2019
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    Hello fellow boxers!

    I'd like to introduce to you what is about to become one of the best WW2 turn-based strategy games with didactic elements. And I mean PURE strategy - no fanciness, nothing unneeded, just STRATEGY. Free to play, and including Multiplayer.

    The game is called Age of World War. This is the third chapter in ZeroTouchSystems' series Age of Strategy. The original (AoS) puts you in the world of ancient and medieval warfare, with lots of cool unique units and missions; the second game, Age of Fantasy, continues the idea by bringing in different fantasy races like Orcs, Elves or Dwarfs, each of them having their own specialties.

    Now, the recently released Age of World War (currently in beta) goes even beyond that: the concept of strategy only is projected into the century of the world's biggest war in history. This means that instead of encountering Knights, Crossbowmen and Catapults, we now get to deal with modern machines such as Tanks, Airplanes and Battleships! (Of course, Infantry is also included ;))

    In the game, there are currently three main nations: Russia/Sowjets, the USA and Germany. Each of them has its own unique units and their stats (HP, power, speed etc.) differ quite noticeably from each other. Also, every nation has own special features (e.g. USA have snipers which the others don't). Some of the campaigns even include more nations like France, Great Britain, or Japan.

    The main goal of the game is to compete missions in various different campaigns and on plenty of amazing maps. This way you can unlock more cool units, buildings and technologies euch will then be ready for your further battles. For the campaigns, there are even maps created by fans, and everyone is allowed to draft their own maps!

    In Multiplayer mode, you can battle against other players! It is even possible to put bets on multiplayer games using your Gold (in-game currency, no worries :)) - winner gets it all.

    Each and every item of the game has its own purpose. Buildings and Towns can build different types of units; units have unique bonuses against certain types of enemies and weaknesses against others.

    YOU are the one who leads them all in the battlefield! The strategy lies in using your resources efficiently, managing your production, planning multiple moves ahead, analyzing the course of battle and reacting to it wisely. You can prove to be a mastermind of WW2 warfare, or you can learn from losses and improve your tactics. It's a win-win!

    And the best thing is: this game is FOR FREEEE. It can be a bit addictive at first, however it is not solely real-time, so you can always lay down you device and come back any time later. Also, if you download it now from Google Play, YOU can be one of the first to play it!

    Here's the link:

    With this said, I'd be happy to see you all in-game! Enjoy the fun and learning experience.



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