Anyone Has Made An Update To A Game?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by cedrickp32, Jan 28, 2020.

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    I'm currently making a game with Buildbox 3. I was wondering what happen if i publish an update of the game, like i added items to buy and levels.

    I'm storing information in the Settings variable. Like custom currency, items and whatever they are unlocked or not. Will that be reset ?

    Here is an exemple of my Settings :

    Settings.skins = [];
    Settings.skins[0] = {id:1, unlocked:true};
    Settings.skins[1] = {id:2, unlocked:false}; etc...

    I don't want to lose the unlocked items, but if i make an update and add a skin, like Settings.skins[2] for exemple, the variable must be added to Settings when i update the app.

    Is there a better way to store information, keep it when i update the game and have the ability to add items ?

    Thanks in advance !

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