Android Physical Back Button Not Working As Intended

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    The physical back button on Android phones does not work as intended in my Buildbox game. I've attached a picture of the Game Mind Map so I can explain the navigation flow:

    1. I enter the Main Menu UI on startup.
    2. I press a start button and get redirected to the World Select user interface.
    3. In the World Select I choose one of the worlds. It doesn't matter which one, so let's say World 2.
    4. Everything works fine and I can play in World 2.
    5. When I press the physical back button on my Android phone, the game is paused and I get redirected to the Pause user interface. This is great, because this is exactly how it should work.
    6. I go back to the Main Menu UI, navigate to World Select and select another world, let's say World 1.
    7. Everything works fine and I can play in World 1.
    8. When I press the physical back button on my Android phone, NOTHING HAPPENS.
    9. When I die in the game, I get redirected to the Game Over UI. And when I press the back button while inside the Game Over UI, I get directed to the Pause user interface!?

    This is just one example (the most annoying one) out of many physical back button problems. And as far as I know, I cannot manually decide how the physical back button should behave in different situations/screens. Everything else works just fine. The game was so easy to create, and all navigation buttons (non physical) in the game works as intended. It's sad that this problem makes the game look unprofessional when everything else has been a great experience.

    I first used Buildbox version 2.2.9 but upgraded to the latest version. Same problem. Is there anyway that I can manually control the navigation flow in different situations for the physical back button?

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    added: B key workaround for redirecting Android back button
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