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    Dec 20, 2016
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    this is my first buildbox questions:
    I want to focus the game on Android.
    I have a motorcicle game using an I use a character, a decoration (physics) and wheels.
    All is connected.
    1) How can I control the android buttons on the screen? (I want to add a jump button)
    Evidently, I must test the game using the keyboard,
    1.1) How can I make both the android and keyboard buttons work the same?
    Please, any good tutorial about this?
    2) If I have 4 worlds ... how can I test the player (character) on the 3 world only, for example...

    I hope your help because I come from libgdx and this tool is not the same.

    Thank you,
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    Aug 22, 2016
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    You simple create the button and select the Function, for example Jump, Shoot etc Android since it is touch screen, they will press the button and you assign the key J or any you like. see attached screen.

    and to test on world 3, go to mind map and link start to world 3 or any you want to load.

    Cheers Kero

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