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    I'm working on a car race game and want to have coins on the screen. I have a background that is set to a speed of 15 so it looks like the car is moving quickly. I've been able to add plenty of objects and adjust their speed to make them look like they are moving at the same speed as the background. I don't see a speed setting for Actions though and specifically for coins. Is there as way to have the coins move on the screen or do they have to be in the same position always?
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    You can create an object and embed the Action to its Default Animation with a trick: Add Action to the scene, then Ctrl+X to cut it to clipboard (Cmd+X on a Mac), and then open the objects Default Animation, and paste the Acrion to it (Ctrl/Cmd+V). Now before you do anything else make sure this Action's position is at 0,0 on that animation editor so check and adjust it on the right hand side manually - it inherits its position from the scene when you paste it... Now just make sure the objects original image was either deleted or its opacity set to 0 so the object is invisible.

    When you drag the object onto the scene you can set it to decoration and add speed, wake up component etc...
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