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    Hi there, I am coming forward with my attempt to roll the dice on the internet to see if such possibility is allowed.
    I am who I am really, and a few months ago, I had a very big issue, we could all call it, work loss.
    In between living the difference of childhood(inaway) to manhood, in a different coutry I was affected by the strains and constrains of Love, and well, lets just not even mention that again cause they were the longest 7 years of my life...
    Moving onward,
    As we broke I had to dispose of my Harddrive disk, and totally forgot of the buildbox progress inside such drive not backed up.
    At the moment I have no way to actually use buildbox due to not having enough currency that'd fit such system.
    And yea, game was about 1.0 ready to be published.. :(
    failled on last steps..
    My request?
    Feel free to read my blog if you've at least felt touched or just enjoyed reading a good healthy post.

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