20 Best Ways To Promote Your App For Free

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    After publishing an app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the most important thing is to let people know the app and download it. There are millions of apps in the market. Therefore, it is important for mobile publishers to know how to market an app. Today, let me share you these 20 best ways to promote your app for free.

    Press Release
    Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: "Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists."

    App store optimization
    it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’search results. The higher the app ranks in the app stores’search results, the more visibility for app potential users. Also, the more traffic to your app will be led. Conduct keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target. Create a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it. Also create an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video.

    Build a microsite
    This one or two-pager showcases your app to the web audience.

    Start a blog
    Attach it to your microsite. Blogging costs no money and allows you to create rich content that can significantly boost your app’s online presence. The returns can be much more than increasing the number of app downloads.

    Social media
    Make full use of your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin account to promote your app. You can also encourage people to share content on their social networks promoting your app.

    Create & Promote Demo Videos
    A video can showcase much more than textual information.Make it creative, funny, thought-provoking.

    Submit your app to app review websites
    Another strategy to promote your app for free is to add it to as many app review sites as possible. The more reviews you have off your app store page, the more backlinks you will have. This will further help in boosting your app’s rankings in both search engine results and app store search results.Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can generate a lot of buzz for your app if they mention it.

    Get positive reviews
    70% users will see at least one app review, 75% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, but only 42% users will use their own judgment on the quality of the app. You can guide your users to leave positive reviews on your app. Of course, if your budget is enough, you and get from reviews-providers( like reviewapp4u). It will not cost your too much.

    Get 4/5-star ratings
    Only 15% users would like to download those apps with 2 ratings, and 50% users would like to download those 3 rating apps. However, 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.

    Cross promotion
    Once you published your app in Store, you can market it with cross promotion with other apps by installs and reviews exchange. You can find developers on some Cross-promotion networks (CPN) or exchange forums.

    Email marketing
    Always be collecting emails. Gather potential customer email addresses on the internet. An email list of people who have opted in is a powerful marketing tool. You can also optimize your email signature, provide a catchy one-liner about your app along with the link to download it in your email signature.

    Create a six-second how-to series
    Make the most of Vine with videos potential customers will find useful. The tag #howto is one of the top trending tags on Vine.

    Post on Instagram&Pinterest
    Use blog images, infographics and visual content from your app to create content on your instagram&Pinterest app accounts.

    Offera promotional price
    If your app is a paid one, you can consider a promotional price during the launch time.

    Post on forums
    Promote your app on those relevant forums which have large volume of traffic. Not only can this help drive more traffic to your app’ s page, it can also mean getting more targeted users.

    Offline promotion
    Make connect with your friends and families. You may ask them to help you spread your app in their relationship circle.

    Participate in relevant activities
    Participate in meetings or conferences that are relevant to your App, and make full use of it to build partnerships.

    Be familiar with the channel of promotion and learn how to make full use of them
    There are many channels to promote your app, like android app stores, iOS, PR, etc.

    Auxiliary tools
    You can use some auxiliary tools to help you promote your app, like appbk.

    Analyze your competitor
    Everyone or every group should analyze the valued competitors, which can help you learn about your competitors clearly. Then promote your app more efficiently.

    App promotion is a continuous process, hope the 20 ways are useful to you.

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