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  11. andrex
  12. Jollydo
    Working on 6 games now :-)
  13. smmsud
  14. mohamed awad
    mohamed awad
    For Custom Nodes, Systems, and Templates... hire me...
  15. mohamed awad
  16. smmsud
  17. whitedogapp
    whitedogapp particles
    I am using level selector for PC but it not saves progress after closing game, on mobile it works perfectly
  18. whitedogapp
    whitedogapp sharath
    Hello, I am using your asset for PC but it not saves levels after closing game, on mobile it works perfectly
  19. Ivan Perfetti
    Ivan Perfetti
    I can help you with your Buildbox project with custom templates, nodes and assets. Portfolio: Contact me to get a quote!
  20. Snozzberry
    Snozzberry VonSolo5
    Hello VonSolo! My name is Shawn. I would be interested in giving you some buildbox tutoring if you need some. I am always down to earn a little money and teach some buildbox. I am Snozzberry#0918 on Discord and @SNZZBRRY on twitter.