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    Jaro Elite Games
    I found a link to your AI Node on the forum. In the description I found that you need to make small changes to the code for BB3 2D.
    Could you explain this to me?
    1. Elite Games
      Elite Games
      Both 2d and 3d version of node are separated and both are included with example you can check them. if you face any problem let me know.
      For customizing the node u need to know about programing basics this was said for " you need to make small changes to the code for BB3 2D."
      Mar 4, 2021
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    Download Jumpring
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    Kids Corner is now = Dead Fly Studios :)
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    tributorock Ivan Perfetti
    Hi! How are you? Can you give me a key please?
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    Lava Sling - Out now on iOS and Android
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    Ivan Perfetti LtgGames
    Hi! This node allows you to swipe lanes along a path; the default swipe lane node only works on straight paths, this one allows you to use complex paths with curves, etc. and adds a lot of customisable attributes; here's a video of a couple of demo games made with it:


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