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  1. MAC420
    2020 has been one rough year but, we coming back! With a new name!
  2. Kbr954
    Kbr954 Sean Buildbox
    I'm having trouble getting BB support to help me, maybe you can?
    I have been trying to get full access to my BB3 subscription restored. I found out that my copy is a “free” version, but I paid quite a lot of money during a promotion in November 2017 to have a sub that does not expire. My contact email:

    - Clifford Urr
    1. Sean Buildbox
      Sean Buildbox
      Hey there believe the team was just waiting on confirmation. I have completed this and you should now have your Pro license restored :) Sorry for any confusion!
      Sep 22, 2020
  3. Vlad-NY
  4. Ivan Perfetti
    Ivan Perfetti wmfear
    Hi! I've just seen your post, just in case you're still looking for somebody to hire, here you can check my website and a recent post on the forum where I offer my services as a freelancer:



    I've already built several custom templates based on specific customers design documents.

    Thank you for your attention!

    All the best,

    Ivan Perfetti
    1. wmfear
      Hi, thanks for your interest. I`m currently working with another freelancer for my current project, but I might be in touch for future projects though, your games look very good.
      Sep 23, 2020 at 9:41 AM
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  5. TheGameAppStudio
  6. TheGameAppStudio
  7. Kevin W
    Kevin W
  8. Vlad-NY
  9. mohamed awad
    mohamed awad
    Advanced coding here, if you want to buildbox anything or Systems, I'm available for any orders, contact me
  10. chandigarh_university
    professor Animation in Chandigarh University. I have 15+ years experience in the vfx/animation industry. Currently working on a new game.
  11. Thud
    Thud Vlad-NY
    Hey! Just wanted to say thank you very much for the "Ultimate Progression Template" work you did. It really helps me out to see a template like this. I've learned so much from your work. Many thanks!
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    2. Vlad-NY
      Hey, I'm glad I could help! Keep up the good work, have fun and stay safe!
      Jul 22, 2020
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  12. belmir
    belmir jcalle
    hi @jcalle
    do you have a solution to position the advertising bar at the top?
    thank you
  13. Kevin W
    Kevin W
  14. Vlad-NY
  15. Josh (Nology Games)
    Josh (Nology Games)
    Message me on discord or on the forums if you require assistance.
  16. 5petersonzachary
  17. Kaliterimes
  18. HG-2018
    Slubber - the red ball get to the top Downloads :)
  19. onetap
    onetap Hanomax
    Hey -
    Could you explain further how to load last played level when the game is closed and reopened ?
  20. Vlad-NY
    Looking for orders. If someone is interested in a game developer and is willing to pay please send me a PM.