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  1. Vlad-NY
  2. Josh (Nology Games)
    Josh (Nology Games)
    Message me on discord or on the forums if you require assistance.
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  4. Kaliterimes
  5. HG-2018
    Slubber - the red ball get to the top Downloads :)
  6. onetap
    onetap Hanomax
    Hey -
    Could you explain further how to load last played level when the game is closed and reopened ?
  7. Vlad-NY
    Looking for orders. If someone is interested in a game developer and is willing to pay please send me a PM.
  8. Vlad-NY
    Vlad-NY VeiraGames
  9. VeiraGames
    Looking for help inbox me please. Paid!
  10. whitedogapp
    BB3 developer
  11. villyaraujo
  12. HueTheDev
    HueTheDev RichardChora
    Hi, this is a Buildbox forum and your post should be related. Thanks!
  13. HueTheDev
    HueTheDev Yash Shankar Kute
    Just so you know, using virtual machine is not allowed by apple and could be reason for Apple to terminate your developers account along with any payments owed to you.
  14. HueTheDev
    HueTheDev Khalid Deve
    Hi there, please post your messages in English text, Thanks!
  15. tributorock
    tributorock DarkSandwich
    Thanks man about the image explaining . But.... is it possible you make a bbasset for download where can i see the content for all nodes and try to apply to my game? Or put here each image for each node? I tried here but i cannot make it work

    I I trying here but when i move with touch if a release the mouse my character don't stop, just stop if i press the touch again.
  16. HueTheDev
    HueTheDev Sure Fruit 9
    Hi, please only post games made with Buildbox. Thanks
  17. MKJ
    MKJ Hanomax
    Thanks bro , I fixed it made some changes & worked
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  18. MKJ
    MKJ Hanomax
    Could you pls share goal text spawner basset & also do I need to add ( randon text node ) in my character ?

    My game is like space buggy in middle of the game , car hit this asset & create the word like amazing. How to do it

    pls guide , your YouTube videos are good helpful for beginners like me keep the good work
    1. Hanomax
      Hey. Could you send your bbdoc file? I implement that logic into that and send back with explanation, how I did it.
      Feb 13, 2020
  19. MKJ
    MKJ Hanomax
    yes & how to add it in game
  20. MKJ
    MKJ Hanomax
    I download the asset from description & added it. My game is like space buggy template in between game word like amazing nice try to pop up , can you pls help 5 type os appreciation word also fine
    1. Hanomax
      You want code for 5 different texts?
      Feb 12, 2020