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  1. HG-2018
  2. belmir
    belmir freak7
    hi freak
    I even have a problem that you did how to fix a problem?
  3. ash_white
    still waiting...
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    Forgive itzonator
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    Kevin W
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    Keep Boxing
  7. Kevin W
    Kevin W
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    Kevin W
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  12. Or Guueta
  13. Or Guueta
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    Always Checking.
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    Kevin W
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  17. TheGameAppStudio
  18. wissemslimi974
  19. Forgive
    Forgive Sean Buildbox
    Hi, Sean.
    What do you think about 64 bit support? When will you support 64 bit for Google Play? I tried to publish new game on Google Play, it gives warning. After 1 August, they will remove all games & apps that has no 64 bit support.
  20. Kevin W
    Kevin W