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    Always Checking.
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    Forgive Sean Buildbox
    Hi, Sean.
    What do you think about 64 bit support? When will you support 64 bit for Google Play? I tried to publish new game on Google Play, it gives warning. After 1 August, they will remove all games & apps that has no 64 bit support.
  10. Kevin W
    Kevin W
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    harbime Sean Buildbox
    Hi Sean
    I've contacted you over the email (HARBIME@YAHOO.COM) asking to solve the registration and purchasing problem at No one is able to register or purchase any subscription plan. Please support to solve this major issue. Thanks
  12. harbime
    harbime ZackGriset
    Greetings Zack. Please help me to purchase BB3, I'm trying but your web site has a bug that won't allow anyone to purchase. I sent emails to support but no answer, I posted a topic in forum and many people are facing the same. Please help.
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    Kevin W
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