just some things ive been trying to work out, im no genius. ( refering to notes from gamesalad)


ok amazon kindle ie: android.  so i would be using Eclipse (Eclipse I dont like).

now i like to use MAC,  is it possible not to use eclipse, and use terminal,

install sdk via terminal   (make sure you have sdk and java installed on mac)

~/sdk/tools/android update sdk --no-ui

After the update, in the terminal window, type and run

~/sdk/tools/android update adb

to the latest version


  1. Open Terminal
  2. Use the following command to generate a private key
keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-release-key.keystore -alias alias_name -keyalg RSA
-sigalg SHA1withRSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

In the place of “my-release-key”, you could put in your name or company name for this key
In the place of “alias_name”, you’ll create "8" character alias for the key.
You’ll then be prompted to create a password for the Keystore, answer a series of identification questions
Your Keystore will then be saved to your computer

Connect your android device on your MAC
~/sdk/platform-tools/adb devices
verify with your phone

(at this point here buildbox needs (or it would be nice)
to implement a actual external device viewer (~/sdk/platform-tools/adb))

and up to this point need to select & generate keystore & android signing tools accordingly

also is it possible to use xcode to convert into apk

just a few things that may be better for MAC

need feedback cheers all.

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Please follow the guide at buildbox.com/guide for Google Play Store Uploads

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