Hello buildbox team & community!


First off let me say that I love Buildbox it makes an artists life alot easier! As well as a programmer! I know this especially because I went to school for "Video Game Design & Development!" So Buildbox literally makes life stress free!

So keep up the good work!

So now on to my question!


I was just wondering if there is a way to scroll the timeline left-right and vice versa?

I have tried to figure it out but it appears that I can only zoom in and zoom out which makes it very hard when your trying to be precise with the pixel count between scenes or if you are doing some of your own personal level transition hacks. :)

If this is not available to do please can I request a feature for it to be implemented into the next update of Buildbox? It would be very helpful and I'm sure I am not alone in wanting this feature!


Thank you again!

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Ok never mind I just figured it out. So for anyone experiencing this same thing that I am I will explain it for you!

Now this is just my assumption in regards to the timeline, I am pretty sure this is how it works, but am happily willing to be corrected on this if the Buildbox team could clarify it further!


the timeline works based off of how many pixels each screen (depending what your actual game screen size is) is. So for instance the game screen that I have used is 1200 pixels. So there for each scene has a height of 1200 pixels. Since I am using a portrait view that is what I am referring to. Now since each scene is 1200 pixels, the actual time line indicator works like this:

The basic two nobs that you can drag to spawn in the distance that you wish for example I want scene 1 to spawn only in the first 5000 pixels. So I have to make those two nobs at least at a minimum of 1200 pixels long. If I make it shorter then 1200 pixels than the scene will not show up at all or at least there is a very rare chance that it will since your not giving it a reasonable distance of at least one screen to spawn in. At least that is what I have come to realize and believe.

Now to answer the question of how do I see all the way down the timeline pixel distance (not the scene count). The answer is you can't. The pixel distance is indefinite. Which in turn means you cannot see the end of it because it has no end. The pixel distance numbers will keep growing and growing with the more scenes you have in your game or it will continue to spawn them indefinitely as long as you have your scenes stacked to do so. So for instance I originally had 12,500 pixels, but when I added another scene I then could see another 1,200 pixels added to the numbers.

So the numbers will continually grow and never stop and if you only have a few scenes then the numbers will stay the amount of scenes * the height or width of the scenes aligned together so here is my number of pixels distance is a calculation:

Height(H) = 1200px

Scene Count(SC) = 10


H * SC = 12,000 pixels


and the added 500 pixels are of what I can see in the time line pixel count, but the scenes will continue indefinitely. So in the long run I have answered my own question.


Thank you for your answer Sean!


I hope this long rant about the timeline pixel distance helps anyone else out there!


Keep on Building folks!

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Two finger swipe works on Mac to accomplish this or on any format the arrow keys should accomplish this

  • brunettetravis
    I have no problem scrolling through the scenes (example: Start > 15) I'm talking about actually scrolling through where you drag the sliders to spawn only withing a certain pixel distance. For example I can only view up to 12500 pixels, but yet the bars for say scene 15 extends past that and when I even move the bars to just past 12500 pixels I cannot scroll past that number no matter what I do. I figured since the scenes will spawn indefinitely that the bars would keep going forever but even when I put all of them just below or above 12500 pixels I cannot go any further.
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