The BuildBox Master Collection (Buzz Kill):

Its a shame that you can't get parts of the Master Collection without putting $1,000 up front then 4 payments of $1,399. 

You say in your video "Your really passionate about making experiences better for people making games" but I don't see it, all I see is greed. Most indie developers cannot afford $6,596 dollars at the drop of a hat (or in hefty payments).

It would be nice if you could supply the different software options for iconBox, SoundBox, Animation Box and Image Box. I don't Really need most of these because they can be obtained for free, for animation (spriter and amazing 2d animation package, theres another one for iconBox with free images already in the software which is free, etc, etc..) I would like to have the sound one though but don't want to pay more than 6,000 for it or $1,319 if you were to split them up.

The game engine is amazing and without it you wouldn't be able to sell the rest of the box items. Like I said Id love the sound one but without the collection of sounds or maybe someone else would like the animation box without the custom art and be able to use their own resources because at least then a new game creator thats not with a company would be able to afford to make a half decent game. 

You say you've done a over million in revenue with your current games and you say you have 7,000 customers for build box @ $2,675 per customer just for build box thats $18,725,000.00 not including your game revenue, and what you've raked in on the master collection and thats an insane amount of money thats been made.

I apologize for these comments and I know smaller companies will pay it because it is the future of gaming I just feel bad for the little people (and Im one of them).

You've made a killer game engine (which is expensive already) and wouldn't be able to sell the other boxes without it, couldn't you include stripped down versions of the other boxes with the game engine (build box) without the art and sounds. I think if your passionate about making experiences better this is one way you could go? or not the choice is yours.

I remember when the unity3d game engine first came out it cost $200 for developer and now there one of the top game engines out there (once they offered the free versions they even gave credit back) and they supported their community whole heartedly especially the blue collar folks.

Again sorry for the rant, its your company but it seems like money is all your after not making experiences better for people making games.

Like the release of Sky with options that should be made available for your customers but they are not.

Anyway the video said, that was the final event but I doubt it, any chance parts of the master collection will be available in the future (strip down versions or part of buildbox)?

Does anyone else agree? Or am I just having a bad day?

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I'm still checking out the trial and have no game dev experience but the marketing hype was weird; as if BuildBox has hired a marketing consultant to help them figure out a strategy ... but it doesn't fit the customer profile (as far as I can tell).

Referring to successful games for ROI statements is misleading as most games are not top10 material.

The new tools seem very easy to use but I believe there are free alternatives albeit with likely higher learning curves.

The loads of content could come in handy but for that price - assuming I make 6 games/year - I can have my content designed to my very own artistic specifications.

So why would I spend $6000? Maybe the training which is only for the first 25 ... and I cannot judge its true value on beforehand...

You are not the only one who is confused ...

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Agree with the poster. I have a tons of experience from my past, i've used a lot of different engines, but BB is still the most expensive, what i ever seen.  I think the pricing structure is failed, probably becouse this product is very young, and the author not an experienced in the fields of "making business from an engine". This last night master collection event was also something totally strange, in my time zone it was started at 2:00 am (!),  and there are no choice to see it again. Seriously guys, forget this common (not video games business oriented) marketing things forever.  I really dont know who is planned your marketing, but i'm sure he is from the soda or direct marketing industry, and he is totally wrong and miss the point. 

  • kodagames
    Thanks for your opinion on the subject and I am glad that its not just me going crazy :)
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Ya, bro , we all love buildbox

we just need buildbox to be better 

by adding new features, and awesome staff

there alot of things can be done with physics to make unique gameplay


gravity area


soft body

slice a image


but seems they spent a lot of time to build the collection not make builsbox better with unique features 

one day i will pay for buildbox , but not now still need months or years of development 



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I agree with you 100%


plus , buildbox need more work to become a true game engine 


30 minutes ago , i tried build simple, but I couldn't, because there tons of limitations... 

I think buildbox need visual scripting like unreal blueprint 

so we can extend and make things happen 

plus, there should be 3rd party plugins ... So we can add more ad networks

what else? Amm , ya .. A tween system support sequence as well ... So we can move , rotate, scale, and more just like cocos2dx

and about physics, we need this

soft body and add liquid fun , since you using box2d as physics engine 


remember , you are selling expensive product

that product, should be worth that price

i don't have problem to pay for something really worth 


hope you listen to us


best regards

  • kodagames
    I can agree with that "The product should be worth the price" and I feel you pay a high end price for something thats not anywhere near complete not that it should be complete I think they should always be working to improve upon the engine (buildbox) for their customers (who have spent $2,675 or pay $99 a month (3 times more than my electric bill a month)) but instead what could be the best parts get sold off separately to first come first serve. Value us and it will pay more in the end and I still love buildbox please don't get me wrong!
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