Hello All,

New to buildbox, just starting using it.  Was wondering if anybody knows how to make a decent start/splash screen.  I am making my first game and want to know how to make a cool start screen for it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

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Do you mean a slash screen or main menu?


The splash screen can only be changed/customized if you're a customer (full version). After building for your device, look inside the assets folder for default.png (I think that's the name, I could be wrong). You just replace it with your own splash screen, keeping the same file name.


Main menu is created by going to the menu editor screen which is accessed just below the File menu.


Good luck.



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  • mrneogold
    The assets folder?? Can you tell me again where the assets folder is?? Do you mean after I have finished the game and exported to android apk format??
  • nickthelibra
    After exporting for Android, it will create a folder with the name of your save file. In that folder you would click Android and then you'll see the assets folder.
  • shivansh98
    What if we delete that image ? Will our splash screen will not appear in our app OR our App will crash ?
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