So I have created my first game called Kitty Kites on both iPhone and Android..

I have a question/suggestion about a potential bug.

I recently submitted updates on the platforms for the new version of Kitty Kites.
The major part of the update was all new sounds.
One curious issue though is when two sounds try to play at the same time.
There is a 10 second jingle that is supposed to play when a players gets a "Cheeseburger" powerup during gameplay. That sounds cuts off at first
impact with a barrier in the lever which has it's own "death sound".

And it only occurs on Android. The iPhone version has zero problem with the sound issue.
Also it works perfectly while being play inside the BuildBox test mode
You can easily see the malfunction of the sound if you play on Android. And you can easily see how it is supposed to run by playing it on iPhone.

There is a 1 in 20 chance of getting a "Cheeseburger" power up. But I set it to provide 1 upon installation. So if someone could test it out for
me and let me know what I can do to make the sound work properly like it does on the iPhone.

Thank you guys sooo very much for your time and consideration. I really appreciate it!
And congrats on getting a #1 Game on the iPhone Appstore!!! That's just epic! :D

Nick Maurer

  • seanconnor
    Which android device are you using? Is it consistent across multiple android devices? Which build of Buildbox are you using?
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