Hello  build box commnuity, 

I'd like to point out an issue I'm having with linking my app to the Google play services and hopefully get a benefiaciary solution for me and the rest of the community having this difficulty. 

Having signed up for the Google play services I was provided with an I.D number which I added to the game services tab in buildbox. However, in order for game services to work, we have to link our app to play services by creating a client I.d. Creating a client I.d requires a unique sha1 fingerprint certificate number and this is where I'm having trouble, how do I get the Sha1 number unique to my game?

I have searched for it via command prompt, created the client i.d with it and it failed to connect to play services with an error saying "app misconfigured". 

Is there a significant step I'm missing here? I have enabled my email for testing and have also setup the oauth2 client I.d required to this to work. I cannot understand why it isn't connecting as it should. Any suggestions and solutions are welcome. thanks in advance.


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