Sorry for the barrage of questions.  I find the software fascinatingly simple and awesome, however, that seems to mean some limitations.

I want to reverse gravity, and that works fine, it's triggered by an action and it works as expected.

But, then the jump ability of my character seems to be limited.  The problem is that the character has to touch the TOP of a platform to reset the jump counter.  I have a ceiling as a fixed object.  Reverse gravity, and the character goes to the top, the character can jump twice (as intended and set).  But then it's stuck and can't jump.  Because it hasn't come within the .o1 of the "ground" for the platform.

Is there a way around this?  Or a fix that would allow any part of an object to be recognized as the "ground".  Top,bottom, and/or sides of an object.

I've already tried changing the rotation, but buildbox seems to "know" which way is up.

P.S.  It would be great if bbdoc attachments were allowed here for easy sharing.  I'm on 1.3.4 BTW



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