I am working on Designing a Coin Shop for purchasing power ups but I have ran into a issue

My Coin Shop this is both a PSD and a pspimage file the image is 1136x640

I have looked all over Google and I cannot find any Card templates for you to have a Icon of the item with a small Description and price

for example


but I cant seem to find anything

and what would be a good size if i create my own

Also need to leave room for on the bottom to create some sort of Coin Count and option to purchase more coins for real money if i design to do a amazon app.

Also I have a question about power ups like if i make them coin shop and create a button will the coin shop purchase stack like they do in games like candy crush or angry birds and i can just click the power up icon on the in game overlay that will be on the bottom of the game while you play by the joypad and will it have a count of how many you have available?

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Hi,  I'm on an airplane and WIFI is not loading your PSD so I can't see it right now.  Will check it later on as I'm not fully understanding the question.

  • raziel23x
    I wanting to add 3 coin shop box and 3 in app purchase boxes that will look like the image in the http://www.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/nexusae0_iap.png and on the bottom have the coin count with graphic.. my psd file is just the header with none of the other stuff i am asking about added... I was wondering if there is some type of template to make the cards........
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