I try to use the Accelerometer.

If i use Absolute or Relative is the same.
Just move the character left and right.

If i use "Joystick",is working fine in absolute.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem?

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Are you trying to go up/down aka Y axis with the accelerator? If so unfortunately this is not supported by Buildbox currently but is coming in an near future update

  • blad300
    I'm glad to hear that, I'll use joystick until then
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Yeah...if your turn your phone in front also the caracter move to front,if you turn it right or left or down also the caracter move in that direction,like a joystick.
Use gravity to move the character.

This control works quite similarly to the on-screen joystick.
The following options are available:
 Position: Has no effect.
 Rotation: Has no effect.
Buildbox™ User Guide
Copyright © 2015 - 37
 Scale: Has no effect.
 Sensitivity: Default is 1. Lower values are less sensitive and higher values are more sensitive
– in the say way as for the joystick control.
 Control Style: has these options:
o Absolute: similar to absolute on the joystick control. Moving the device off center
will move the Character to a given location on screen.
o Relative: The more you tilt from the center position in any direction, the faster the
character will change to move in that direction.
 Control Type:
o Move: tilting will move the Character.
o Rotate: tilting will rotate the Character. Tiling up or right will rotate right, and tilting
left or back will rotate left.

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