Is the full version coming with some Ready Made projects for each preset to play with or just the blank presets ? 

And where can i find some details about the Background Size for each gameplay preset ?

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We do not have demo projects for each game type, however below are examples for each preset:

Buildbox can make these types of games and more. 

The original games are listed for inspiration.  Buildbox may

not be able to make the exact games in every case.

        •    Dogfight (ex. 1942)

    •    Jumping (ex. Doodle Jump)

    •    Racing (ex. Spy Hunter)

    •    Flappy (ex. Flappy Bird)

    •    360 Shooter (ex. Smash T.V.)

    •    Avoidance Wide (ex. On The Line)

    •    Avoidance Lateral (ex. The Line)

    •    Side Shooter (ex. R-Type)

    •    Impossible (ex. Impossible Game)

    •    Runner (ex. Canabalt)

    •    Shooting Runner (ex. Robot Unicorn Attack)

    •    Motocross (ex. Road Trip 2)

    •    Platformer (ex. Cloudberry Kingdom)

    •    Helicopter (ex. Jetpack Joyride)

    •    Downward Bounce (ex. Jupiter Jump)

    •    Sticky Jump (ex. Spike Dislike)

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