Hey guys,

I just downloaded the trial version of BuildBox yesterday, but I am already loving in and planning on buying it before the trial ends.

I am still learning a lot, but I was wondering how you can make games like Laser, Sky or even Ball Jump - which gameplay settings would you need for these types of games.

Also, how is it possible to make the "3d cubes" like in Laser and Ball Jump? I assume they are just simple sprites where the collision shape is "cutting" though the top side of each cube. Is there any tutorial where this is explained properly?

And last: How does the game scale to iPad? especially the menus - does BuildBox take care of this for us?

Excited to hear from you:)




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Hello welcome to the Buildbox community.

To answer your first question, games like Laser and Ball Jump the gameplay settings used were not gameplay presets, but custom made to fit the mechanics of the specific title. If you would  like me to go in to more detail on how to achieve these gameplay types, let me know.

Sky was made in a prototype version of Buildbox that is not yet available.

As far as the isometric style sprites you are referring to, they are png image that can be made in any animation or image creating software (I personally use adobe flash for sprite creation) . If you plan on having a character stand on the top surface of an isometric cube, you could make the collision shape under the surface for the effect. (Can also go into more detail for this too)

And buildbox does scale the gameplay to fit to devices. The way it looks in preview mode is how it will look on your device.

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