I'm a big fan of buildbox can I suggest


1. add atleast more than 5 background because I want to have different background on each level, I know I can simply add full page img and set as a background yeah I     already done that on my game "princess jasminne". But what I want is another moving background with the 3d effect.

2. add more pages on layout pause and layout shop, in my game "princess jasmine" I would like to sell more object but there is not enough space for all my object. what I mean is if I pause my game and from the pause layout I can start purchase item and at the same time there are next button I can place anyway on the pause layout so I can go to next page of pause layout. ( I need atleast 3 pages because I have hundreds of hair to sell) same thing with the shop layout please add more pages on them.

3.  please add more than 3 animation on the character, at least 3 animation slot for character idle, 3 animation slot for char jump, 3 animation slot for character walk/run, 3 animation slot for character defeat and most important is please add more extra slot for the character to be animated by colliding with action/powerup object

(imagine I can have my character idle with different outfit after my character hit by something or pick somthing) (imagine my character pick somthing on the ground (action/powerups item) and when I press jump my character can play the flying kick animation instead of just jump animtion... you know what I mean.) 

4. it is better if I can merge my scene or split my scene ( oh ya on buildbox ver 1.2.2 please put back the bar where I can drag to see my scene.. its now automatic hide and so difficult to find it just to scroll my scene and so annoying.

5. add extra button on the action/powerups so I can trigger the appearence chances to 50% become powerups and another 50% become enemy. (so everytime player play the game.. the item on the ground not always the powerup it could be bomb.


1. please fix the next checkpoint... I want to be able to simple press next so I can always go to my next level... I want it that way because I wanted to test the whole level not just solo scene. ( imagine I'm creating level 10 and I want to check my level 10 only..... with the next checkpoint fix.. I can simply hit next till I reach level 10 then I can test only my level 10... otherwise... I have to play the whole level from 1-9 just to reach level 10 so I can test it...

2. please fix the character defeat. at version 1.2.2 the defeat animation not showing.

3. please fix the set checkpoint....(set checkpoint is working just fine if I play level) but once I create a button and set as set checkpoint it not working.. because when I use button to set checkpoint and simply press the button in my game to set my checkpoint and when my char died and try to load to the checkpoint my character will load first and drop dead because there is no ground for my character to stand .. it hasn't been load yet... and it will only load after my character died.

thats all for now.. coz I dont remember all the things that need to be fix until I create another new game



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You'll be glad to know that all of that is on the radar.  Some are coming sooner than others.  The first one requires levels... and it's something we've had many, many discussions about in the office.  It will take a major code rewrite, but it will happen.  

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