Hey guys, I released my first game on the Play Store! 'Gravitational' is a very addictive and simple mind puzzling game where you require both skill and luck to by-pass the many obstacles within this game. Starting off as a blue square you will quickly start learning the concept of the game and possibly someday becoming one of the best of the best people within this game! How far will you go?

The rules of this game are extremely simple.
All you have to is tap to jump!
Heck, even jump as many times as you want even if you're airborne!
But remember, whatever you do never go out of the map or touch red or else you will suffer the consequences!

- Simple 1 Touch Controls
- Leaderboards
- Free to Play
- Smooth Gameplay
- The Original

This is my first buildbox game and the first app I have ever published to the Play Store! I would really love if you could give me feedback or a review about my game.

Hope you like 'Gravitational'!

Link to the Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TheZombieCloud.Gravitational

Thank you!

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HI just downloaded your game its addicting and frustrating at the same time... hahahaha i just feel that the jump is to high or sensitive enough its just me... but the game is good.. and btw "exit" button in bbox does not work right? that's why you did not use it in the game.
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