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Hi Can someone help me with this.. i know its simple but i followed the settings on the video but it does not work...  i just want the enemy to patrol from left to  right. If i remove the scale modfier it will work but the image will not flip to the right the image will go to the right backwards. 


logic tab

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I've simplified this to a basic right-to-left-to-right moving object which should help you get started with as simplified parameters as possible which will achieve the basic aim of continuous movement.

Hope it helps.


How to get an object moving from right to left and back using Logic: Transform

1. Set your object to fixed. Have this positioned to the right of the screen as the starting point for movement.
2. Set Linear Velocity to -10.000,0 (this will start the object moving to the left).
3. Drag a Logic: Transform item onto game positioned to the left of your object where you wish the object to move to.
4. Set Scale Modifier the same as your object but preceded by minus aka: -0.400 if your object scale is 0.400 (this “flips” the object to point to the right).
5. Set Linear Velocity Modifier to 10.000 (this is now a positive number to move the object to the left).
6. Set Affected asset to the object you wish to move from the list.
7. Set Affect operation to ‘Replace’
8. Now duplicate the logic (press d).
9. Move the Logic: Transform item to the right of the object (ensure IT IS NOT TOUCHING THE OBJECT otherwise this logic item will immediately affect the object when game play starts)
10. Set Scale Modifier to 0.400 (this “flips” the object to point to the left).
11. Set Linear Velocity Modifier to to -10.000 (this is now a negative number again to move the object to the left). 

Now preview.

All going well your object will start moving from right to left. Hit the first logic item on the left and flip and move right and again once hitting the second logic item flip and begin moving left and so on.

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Hi Sir AndyG.

Thank you so much for the help, you invested time providing me with clear instructions and now my problem is solved. My mistake was to put the enemy close to the right logic/transform and i did not use "replace" for the affect operation. I hope there are more tutorials how to use all the features in BBox. I'm no programmer at all :) one last question the "EXIT" button for the game does not work since i tested it on my note 2. thanks again

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anyone please help
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