I have exported my game for android and windows phone but as they get exported into the source files it makes it difficult for us noobs to compile it. I have read the guides also watched every video on YouTube on how to compile but i receive the same error most other people get


Would there be any chance of a second export menu that lets you export in the pre compiled formats apk etc

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Before exporting your code from Buildbox make sure you enter the bundle ID on latest update it prompt you if you have not entered your bundle ID, than export it ~Good Luck. 

  • declan595
    I have done this but still end up with loads of errors with eclipse and android studio. An option that allowed users to export pre compiled apps (Non source) would be a nice idea
  • seanconnor
    Pre-compiled apps will likely come down the road. In the meantime 3 things: A. Windows Phone is not supported. Windows desktop is but not Windows Phone. B. See the upload guides at and if you youtube buildbox + xcode/eclipse you can find good guides C. Eclipse errors unless red are usually negligible
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