How would I set this up (In game UI (user interface)):

I have 2 characters in the scene who are ready to race, what I would like to do is have 3 labels appear (a "Ready" "Set" "Go"). Is there a way to do this and control when these appear/disappear?  

If possible I would also like to be able to set a different time delay in-between "Set" and "Go" so that at the start of each race there's anticipation waiting for the "Go" which Id love to have a random time delay but I doubt Buildbox is able achieve this.

Any help on achieving these would be greatly appreciated!

Sincerely, Michael 

  • lawchin
    Sorry.... I dont work for Trey Smith or Buildbox company, but Buildbox can't do what you plan to do... at least not this version of buildbox....Trust me I know buildbox well
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Ahhh buildbox

this software, just unbelievable and not related to game engine , to be honest 

after you installed buildbox, immediately you will feel you are in best place to making games.


but after 1 hour , you will find , this software, is just a far away from making games

because , the way buildbox has built on , is completely wrong

thats why there tons of limitations 

this software really need re-design

when you creating a game engine, never limit on things, just make things easy to use like animations and scripting and physics and tween system and more


best regards

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