its amazing software mr Trey Smith i love whats this soft doing but it have some critiques for your soft maybe thats help in the next version

01- think your software based on endless games ,what about games arcade or adventure withe a story
02-there is no health bar in the game
03-why you don’t putting lives system in the game
04-its will be nice if you add multiplayer in the game or online play
05-its good idea if you adding particle system allow as to create smokes ..fire ….
06-what about arabic lang in the software
07-sound good if putting option kille by jumping over the the heads like mario

07-and whats about doubeling the jump when kiling enemy
08- why there are no timer like mario for exemple if staying in place for some minutes an enemy hard to kill coming to you

thats all in thank you

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We appreciate your suggestions. Some of these are planned (non-english character support) while some are not or are far far down the road (particles, multiplayer). And some of these you actually can do with creativity and more experience with the software (linear games, lives system aka restart checkpoints). In any case we're glad you like Buildbox :)

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